The goal: simple solutions to fatten the bottom line.

If your staff is well-trained and can deliver seamless drinks service, if your inventory is air-tight with close to zero variance, if your wine, beer, spirits and cocktail list is filled with the products that make most sense for your space, food and neighborhood and is always up to date and error-free, if your profits are maximized according to each category and relative to your total sales, and if your management still has time to perform all of their other daily duties, then you don’t need me. If not, then contact me for a no charge assessment of your establishment.

Some past clients:

  • Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto
  • OTG Management at Pearson International Airport
  • National Arts Centre Ottawa
  • Terroni Restaurant Group Toronto
  • Little Sister Indonesian
  • Joey Restaurant Group Canada
  • The Indian Rice Factory
  • Frida Mexican